Sunday, 16 December 2018

Phew!! All jockeys and horses home safe and sound. Lucy came home fifth on the fabulous 'We Never Give Up' She was somewhat outpaced but lived up to her name and gave Lucy a fabulous spin jumping like a bunny. Unfortunately Budge was over girthed by a steward at the start as we forgot to remind Ben how quirky he is with his girth which meant he got left behind but still did a circuit and a half. It was good for Ben to understand what race riding is all about and he will be wiser for next time. Billy had a great spin on Murphy and had previously had a winner on his own horse in the open. He was a great mentor for both our novice jockeys and nice to see one of our proteges doing so well.
We are just off to celebrate with him, his parents and a few friends now

Lucy, Doug and Billy

Ben and his parents