Sunday, 12 May 2019

Still no foals but getting closer....Popaway is going to the maternity hospital at Nicola Burtons tomorrow so that will give us peace of mind as she is so precious to us and we couldn't bear to lose her foal.
Today we went to Garthorpe - Cloud ran a fabulously gutsy race and despite going the scenic route still managed to come a close third only beaten by six lengths. Sadly Lucy couldn't ride her as her shoulder still hasn't healed after her tumble from Jess. Craig has shown himself to be thoroughly ungenuine as Ben did absolutely nothing wrong and yet the horse thought he had done enough after a circuit and a half and pulled himself up. Blinkers next time. Ted came third which was better than we expected as he has been lame with what we thought was a stone bruise for the last two weeks - He has been poulticed countless times but then we got a different blacksmith (good old Andy Hartgrove) who found he has corns which have been giving him so much pain - He changed his shoes and Ted was deemed just about right to race but during the race you could tell by his stride that he wasn't enjoying it, so he did well to continue. He needs much softer ground anyway so we will call it a day with him now. Thankfully the jockeys and horses are all home safely which is the main thing.