Thursday, 16 May 2019

Well - It's like waiting for a bus - You wait hours for one and then two come along together. We had two foals born last night - Burrows Spring gave birth to a lovely filly foal at 11 pm and then Velvet Dove did the same at 3 am. We were expecting Tik to be the first and the camera was very much trained on her. Luckily, that very morning we had fitted all four mares with an alarm system that rings your mobile phone when the foal starts to come through the birth passage. We were both fast asleep as we thought all was quiet when the phone rang. We thought it must be a false alarm as we could see that Tik wasn't foaling and we didn't even look at Bea as her bag looked a long way off and she was covered after Tik. Anyway, thank goodness for the alarm as we wouldn't have been there and the foal was badly presented with a leg back so she wouldn't have foaled on her own. No sooner had we gone back to sleep that the phone rang again and it was Dove, foaling in the field. She would probably have managed on her own but it was good to be there just in case.
Two down, three to go...……
Burrows Spring with her daughter who is very sweet and well behaved
Velvet Dove with her feisty daughter, who is already showing rather a lot of character and definitely isn't sweet or well behaved....!!