Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Great news! Tik (Velvet Steel) has been scanned as in foal - Third time lucky! Popaway and Jess have both been scanned at 28 days and the heart beat was detected and Dream is also in foal with just one embryo, thank goodness. A month ago we dropped off Squeak in Peter Taylors field where his bull Blue Pimpernel lives and she must have been served immediately as she scanned with a heart beat - She is too small to spend a lot of money on a 'posh' stallion but the yearling she had by the same stallion is very nice, so it is worth going back.
So, onwards and upwards. The foals that are on the ground are now doing really well and with the recent rain the grass is growing and they all look fabulous.
However, FAR more importantly our lovely puppies all went to lovely homes apart from one, of course, which I could not resist keeping.
The one on the right is Pocket, and is a new member of the family. She is GORGEOUS!