Saturday, 28 March 2020

The Coronavirus has now claimed over 1000 lives in the UK and even our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has been tested positive. We are going to be in lock down for at least another three weeks. It is difficult for everyone and my heart goes out to the people who have been affected with their health and also suffering the worry of losing their jobs. I have registered to be a volunteer but I wish I could do more.
On a more positive note it has been lovely riding out without all the traffic, particularly the constant streams of HS2 vans (all of which were brand new)

Velvet Cloud enjoying herself

Doug is still doing a bit of fencing for loyal local customers and pulls me in on occasions to help out which I really enjoy - When the sun is shining...

Fencing on a nice day, nothing better...

We still have six horses in at night time as we are short of grass until it grows, and want the pregnant mares to get as much as possible. If my wonderful followers can think back to just under three years ago, you will remember that we had a nightmare foaling with Velvet Dream, and very nearly lost both her and her foal.  She had been pushing for four hours and the vet and our helpers just could not get the foal out as he was backwards and twisted. We had already decided the foal was dead and it was just a question of trying to save the mare. The vet had decided that the only way to do that was to cut up the foal inside the mare and pull it out bit by bit. I was in total meltdown so thank goodness Sam and Nicola Burton were with us. Sam decided that we would all have one last pull to see if we could dislodge the foal as cutting up the foal also has enormous risks for the mare as the sharp edge of bones can cause haemorrhaging. So, four of us pulled so hard that we dragged Dream out of the stable and across the yard (we weren't being gentle because we knew it was 'last chance saloon' and also thought the foal was already dead) To our enormous relief the foal came out. The mare was lying on the concrete looking dead and so was the foal when Sam noticed a heartbeat. It looked like a lost cause but after chest compressions and mouth to mouth resuscitation, he spluttered and came to life. It was wonderful. Dream, who looked lifeless, heard her foal make a noise and whickered at him and tried to get up. I can still remember the joy of that moment as though it was yesterday. The foal (now named 'Saved By Sam') was really bent and couldn't walk for three weeks. Christina, who worked for us, would burst into tears every time she saw him as she thought he would have to be put down. Well - here he is now  - All 17 hands of him and still growing.. It is hard to believe that he is the grandson of the tiny diminutive Supreme Dream who I had so much fun with racing even though she was only just over 15hh. He is such a lovely personality and I adore him.
Saved By Sam
Sam at three weeks but still very bent