Saturday, 1 August 2020

HS2 never cease to amaze

It was an absolute scorcher yesterday and needless to say I spent some time swimming in the river. I was lucky not to come across a group of HS2 workers dressed in their bright orange fluorescent jackets, white helmets and steel capped boots who came sneaking onto Blackgrounds Farm from the Culworth footpath. They then left the footpath and walked down to the River hut and one (who was the boss as he was wearing a black helmet) started to take photos. The guest who was 'in residence' asked them what they were doing and whether they were HS2, which they admitted. He asked them to leave as his wife was sunbathing. HS2 are not supposed to go on any land without previous permission with dates and times being confirmed. We wouldn't have minded at all if they had asked. Anyway, the funniest part was that when our liaison officer was questioned he denied all knowledge of any HS2 men at Blackgrounds. He then phoned up twenty minutes later to say that he had checked with all the HS2 gangs in the area and they had all denied being anywhere near Blackgrounds so " They must have been dressing up as HS2 men"!! So, on the hottest day of the year six fully grown men decided to dress up in fluorescent jackets, helmets and big boots to pretend to be the most despised people in the district??!! Hmmmm. I think I smell a rat here. Sadly it doesn't surprise me what depths they will go to and how there is absolutely no honesty or integrity within this evil company. They were obviously trying to get proof that we were continuing our shepherd hut business to report back to the 'bosses' - Mr Michael Eckett and James Tyler Morris. Well guys, of course we are still running our businesses, because unlike you we actually have to earn a living and we don't get paid by the tax payers to intimidate and bully decent, honest people. We will continue to run our shepherd huts until you actually pay us for the businesses which you have 'acquired' .
Rant over - Today is going to be much cooler, thankfully, although as much as I love the sun the heat and the flies on the horses were pretty unbearable. We have started to bring the most affected one's in during the day. I was going to  bring the horses in earlier this season but cannot bear the thought of riding when there is still so many flies around, so may leave it for another couple of weeks. 
We had some people round for supper last night and ordered yummy Fish and Chips take away from the Carpenter Arms - No washing up and very relaxed.  Perfect Result. That is definitely the way forward!