Monday, 7 September 2020

It was great to be riding again and all three horses behaved beautifully. Cloud will be coming back in next week and then maybe Sam, depending on how the staff situation is. Good to be back and it really helps keep the mind away from dwelling on the nightmare that is HS2.
We had a lovely new member of part time staff join us called Ella, who wants to learn to race ride. She is friends with Julie and Russell our past owners, who had the lovely Noddy with us. Sadly, we couldn't justify keeping any of the older horses for novice riders but we will teach her us much as we can and hopefully she will pick up a ride from someone else as she is very capable and clearly very brave. She didn't bat an eye when young Archie got very excited when he saw Jamie Goss (who broke him in) in the distance crossing the gallops and started whinnying like mad and wanted to catch him up. It just shows how much cleverer horses are than we give them credit for. As soon as Jamie had disappeared round the corner he settled down again and was as good as gold. 
Sarah was riding Top Garry who seems to be completely sound and looks fabulous and I was riding Secret who has grown and thickened out during the summer and she felt a proper horse.
Ella had heard all about Popaway and was keen to see her foal, Roy Boy, who was also rather keen on her and wouldn't let her out the field!
Roy Boy and Ella