Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Black Valentine was ridden out by Lucy for the first time yesterday and was such a good boy we decided to take him cubbing this morning - Will Biddick had said that as he has been in a big yard he would appreciate a bit of sweetening up so him, Jake (who had his first set of shoes on yesterday and Jess went up the road to West Farndon to introduce him to hounds. He was an absolute saint and really loved the different experience. Doug and I came back after an hour but Lucy stayed behind and had some fun on Jess "the legend"


Saturday, 15 September 2018

Will Biddick has just been to the yard and brought with him a horse we have bought on behalf of an owner. He is a stunner - He came from Paul Nichol's yard, is 7 years old and called Black Valentine. Very exciting!

Most of our horses have now been shod and have had a week doing road work.
We are really beginning to get excited about this season as although we haven't got as many horses and will miss old favourites like Popaway, we have got some lovely young horses to look forward to

Monday, 3 September 2018

It has been the most amazing summer. The weather has been fabulous and we have been flat out with the shepherd huts and the cosy cocoon site. Even the tree tent has been full every night since the beginning of July. We had a couple who stayed last night who swore they saw a puma eating a rabbit in the neighbouring field......It takes all sorts. So although I haven't been doing the horses I have been very busy in a different way and now I am looking forward to getting back to the riding out and bringing horses and our gaggle of novice riders on for the season.
During the summer break my beautiful granddaughter, Allegra, was born. She is too gorgeous for words and Emma and Josh have got it right with two boys and two girls.

Hector the proud brother and Allegra

Hector looking very grown up at two and a half
Now the hot weather is coming to an end we had some rather beautiful rainbows earlier and a splash of much needed rain

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Jess (We Never Give Up) Autumn hunting this morning - Not looking too much like a race horse as usual....Bless her.


Thursday, 9 August 2018

Velvet Steel and Burrows Spring both pregnant with very smart stallions Pethers Moon and Norse Dancer and now 'Ladies in waiting'

Joined by the two thugs Velvet Dove and Velvet Dream who have been roughing it with the (very nice) stallion down the road

Jessica and Jackson

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

 Introducing 'Jackson Brown'  - Poppy's grandson and Jack's great grandson - SO cute and he has settled in extraordinarily well

I was hoping to introduce the two new arrivals (foal and puppy) together but very sadly the foal was born dead. Doug got to it just a few minutes after it had been born and she was stone cold. It was a month overdue and I had a feeling it wasn't going to be a happy ending as Spider had started to produce milk a month ago. Spider was licking her but seemed to know it wasn't right as she wasn't upset when we took her away. I wonder whether the extreme hot weather had effected her? Possibly it was natures way of saying that as there was a drought the foal shouldn't be born and then it went on for too long. We will never know but at least Spider is fine and the foal didn't suffer. It just would have been lovely for Mary to have had a playmate