Saturday, 19 June 2021

Popaway is at last in foal!

 It's been a long time since I last posted, partly due to the hot weather and the fact that my office is like an oven as the air conditioning isn't very good and also because I was so sad about Secret. However, yesterday we had a reason to rejoice as Popaway, who had been "not in foal", even after three visits to the stallion was unexpectedly pronounced "in foal" when least expected as she was just about to go back to the stallion for the fourth time. She had been twice to Masterstroke, who we deemed to be a very nice 'husband' for her, he was beautifully bred and very nicely put together - However, Popaway simply did not fancy him and even though she showed all the right signs of coming into season she did not conceive. We then decided to take her back to Pethers Moon, who we knew she liked from before as she very much showed it when she conceived with Popalong. Everything seemed to go really well and they seemed to recognise each other before hand whickering sweet nothings at each other pre-mating. After which we took her straight home and I was absolutely convinced she was in foal as her whole personality changed and she became really mellow and somehow maternal... However we were bitterly disappointed when she was scanned 15 days later and there was no pregnancy. We thought then that maybe 'the gift that keeps giving had now stopped' but thought we would have one last try with Pethers Moon. Yesterday the vet came out two days before she was due to visit the stallion to take swabs. In the meantime I was even more convinced that she was actually in foal and said that to the vet before she inspected her - She looked at me doubtfully but then two minutes later we were all celebrating having seen a darling little embryo on the screen!!  Such a lovely surprise and we all jumped about and hugged each other as we had just about given up hope and the breeding season was running out. The little monkey just has to do everything on her terms and clearly Masterstroke simply did not fly her kite!  

In the meantime the other five mares are very much happily in foal - We have Jess (We Never Give Up) who is in foal to Masterstroke (she's clearly not fussy!), Templegate in foal to Pether's Moon as is Velvet Steel, Velvet Dream is in foal to Arrigo. Burrows Spring is in foal to Flag of Honour   

Things are still awful with HS2 but we are continuing to fight our corner and with the help of Dame Andrea Leadsom MP it looks as though at last HS2 are going to sign the pre ADR contract so that our case can be looked at by a third party and a fair decision can be made. It has been an absolute nightmare with continued threats of eviction, bullying, delays, threats of them 'removing our horses', spiraling legal costs, blatant lies, and such deceitful behaviour that you simply would not believe but we are still strong and will fight them to the end.  Watch this space - The whole story will be told when it is all over but I have to be careful what I say at this stage....