Friday, 31 May 2013

At last!  Some decent weather.It has been an awful long time coming......
We just have five horses in now - Popaway, Jake (Doctor Kingsley). Harry (Out of Range) Bryn (Definite Dawn) and Rosie (Epistle) although we may be tempted to bring Ponty back in as he isn't letting himself down very well and has been pacing up and down in the field. Rosie is slightly stiff after her race but has improved mentally enormously. She is really happy and is actually acting like a normal horse now. Before when she was turned out she would just stand by the gate and wouldn't dare go into the field or socialise with the other horses but since her race she has been grazing happily and interacting with the others - I have even just seen her 'necking' Jake, which was really rather astonishing as she was almost autistic in her behaviour before. She has perhaps found her 'niche' and now understands what life is all about.
All horses worked really well (apart from Rosie who is still resting) The video clip shows Harry and Bryn going up the gallops and then schooling - Harry is a big six year old who raced in Ireland as a four year old and was fairly average, he was spotted in a field and brought over to event which he has been trying to do for the last year, but hasn't liked it very much and would prefer to race. Christopher Padfield has bought him and he should give him and Clare an awful lot of fun as he is rather nice. He should be going to Dingley on the 8th all being well as will Popaway and Definite Dawn.