Tuesday, 21 June 2016

On the weekend we went to a wedding near Tenby in Wales. A Nuffield friend of ours was getting married to a lovely lady whom he met online and they couldn't have been better suited. As they are a little too old for having children they had adopted a brother and sister aged two and three. It was one of the happiest weddings I had been to and they looked such a close and joyous family it was really heartwarming.
We also met some very interesting people, right from the top business man, Phillip Evans CBE and his lovely wife Jacqui who amongst many other things is economist advisor to the government and at the other end of the spectrum a fisherman called Gavin Evans. As you can imagine they both had completely opposite views on the EU referendum. Phillip's view was that we should remain to keep the economy stable and if it doesn't work out we can always come out in the future.... and Gavin was adamant we should come out because of the direct damage the EU has had on the British fishing industry. You could see both sides of the argument and I guess a cautious person would be more likely to vote to stay in as no one really knows what might happen if we leave. I on the other hand are very firmly in the Leave camp for these reasons - Firstly I have chaired enough meetings to know that with 28 countries sitting around a table, all of which have their own vested interests there is no way that the UK is going to get their voice heard or any further reforms. Cameron has already tried and failed so it certainly won't get any better. Secondly the economy, NHS, education and crime simply cannot improve with the amount of immigrants that are pouring into the UK and stretching our already tight budget. It is plainly not sustainable. Thirdly how can we possibly trust a fat cat organisation where the MEP's just on allowances alone take home more pay than the British prime minister? And for the last twenty one years the books have not been audited as no accountant will put their signature to such corrupt accounts?
I want to feel proud to be British again and although it may be difficult for the first couple of years I firmly believe that it is the best thing for the future of our grandchildren and for generations to come