Saturday, 10 November 2018

A perfect day - -Hunting in the morning and then home in time to watch some fabulous Rugby with England just going down by one point against New Zealand. It could have gone either way and was great viewing.
The horses who went hunting this morning were Kingsley, Ted Thistle, We Never Give Up (I was going to take Babbiloora but she lost a shoe and also has suddenly turned into a racehorse, so wouldn't have been the safest conveyance) and the good old Doctor Kingsley who literally came straight from the field. They all really enjoyed themselves and we finished just before the rain came. At the meet we had a minutes silence in to mark Remembrance Day. Someone blew the last post on a hunting horn. It was incredibly moving and somehow the seventy odd horses seemed to understand the importance as you could hear a pin drop as they all stood in silence. Haunting.

Lucy on Kingsley

Ben on Ted Thistle - It was Ben's very first day's hunting.