Thursday, 31 January 2019

A beautiful frosty morning - It was -9 last night so the ground is solid. As all the horses are in a good place fitness wise they have all gone out in the field with hay and water. When it is as cold as this you have to be very careful that the horses don't get dehydrated and sometimes I think you can do more harm than good working them when it isn't really necessary. The most important thing is to keep them warm and hydrated and fortunately because most of them live in the barn (apart from Jess and Secret)  the water supply doesn't freeze as their body heat keeps it all going. So, we can get through this as long as it doesn't go on too long!

The boys, Kingsley and Ted enjoying the winter sunshine

Secret Getaway  - Our new purchase

Before it froze Lucy worked her in the menage  - She hasn't done much flat work but will really benefit from it. She is sweet natured and Lucy got her going in a lovely outline (with a little bi of persuasion!)