Thursday, 19 March 2020

What on earth is happening??!! Why is everyone buying loo paper?? Has the world gone mad?

Empty shelves where the loo paper normally is

I may not be taking this as seriously as perhaps I should but loo paper - Really??   Dog food and washing powder had also completely run out on my weekly shop. It beggars belief.
We had our last ride yesterday - Typically all the horses felt fantastic and we can convince ourselves that they would have all won had the Oakley been on.. Annoyingly I had just paid for the hunters certificate for Velvet Cloud who is literally bouncing out of her skin. The one good thing is that all  the horses have finished in one piece and will be there for next season. I will still be riding out on my own until their shoes fall off to keep my sanity in these crazy times. No racing or rugby for the foreseeable - AAAARGH!