Friday, 29 January 2021

Poor Bertha

 We are still struggling with HS2 and the fact that they are in no hurry to proceed with our case. They were supposed to have submitted their report weeks ago and still haven't. Without this report we cannot proceed with the ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) and move from this awful construction site. Yesterday we had a swarm of HS2 surveyors around the farm making an awful noise with various bits of machinery. They really set the horses off and our lovely Bertha (Dream's foal by Telescope) must have tried to jump out of her temporary yard as we found her and her mates drenched in sweat and her with a very bad cut on her leg. The vet made a great job of stitching her up but the prognosis isn't good as the joint is likely to get infected with such a deep cut. We will just have to hope for the best. The reason why she is in temporary housing instead of her lovely barn is because HS2 have compulsory 'purchased' the barn (not paid a penny) and fenced it off with security cameras and alarms. It now stands completely empty and hasn't been touched by HS2. In the meantime our horses and youngsters are up to their bellies in mud and the yearlings were in the Nissan hut and various stables which are totally unsuitable for them as they are too big for one but too small for two, and they hate to be on their own. We have pleaded with HS2 to allow us to use the barns during the bad weather with the proviso that they can have them back as soon as they need them but they have point blank refused.  They really are the worst company ever with absolutely no moral compass and a complete lack of any compassion. Evil to the core. 

Bertha's injury caused by HS2

Bertha during the summer

Putting things in perspective, in the meantime the deaths in the UK due to Covid 19 are still horrendous at around 1200 a day. Understandably this means that point to pointing cannot go ahead until the numbers drop which won't be until at least mid March. We are still aiming for the 18th February Hunter chase for Top Garry at Leicester. There is a good chance we will get balloted out as so many pointers will be doing the same thing, however, we can but try. 

Thankfully, Uncle Ross has come out of hospital but he isn't out of the woods yet. He was on a trolley for the first night as Coleraine Hospital was completely full and had to go in full lock down as they had no more beds. Under normal circumstances he would probably still be in hospital but his family were desperate to get him out as they were so busy. His brother, Roy Torrens , sadly died in the same hospital from Covid 19 the very next day. He was a famous cricketer and a larger than life character. Very sad.