Tuesday, 16 February 2021

 Eeeek! Top Garry is running at Leicester on Thursday. I assumed (hoped!?) he would be balloted out but they have split the race and he is in the second division. The ground will be ghastly but maybe the more rain there is the less sticky it will be. He will be thrown in at the deep end as he is only a restricted horse but I think he will enjoy it as long as he is pulled up if he is too tired to complete. He needs a run and as Roy says "He's got to start somewhere". Having a run at Leicester will improve his fitness for when pointing starts again, all being well. It will be great to be racing again even though things will be very different. 

Bertha is continuing to improve although the wound will look pretty ugly because of the scar tissue at least it is not infected. We have had a few really cold days when everything froze up and it was -4. All the water troughs and drinkers were frozen, so it was a job in itself thawing everything out. The wind was the worst part but now, a day later it is really mild.  The gallops remained open so we are very lucky in that respect.

I have been able to see Dad again as his vaccination should have given him some immunity. Great to see him again and he looks really well.  I am off to get the horses in and it is pouring with rain....