Monday, 29 March 2021

 It was lovely to be racing today although our two runners were a bit disappointing, particularly Top Garry who looked absolutely fantastic in the paddock and was tipped to win by the commentator  - The track was much sharper than we anticipated but I knew there was something wrong as soon as Garry jumped the first fence. He stuttered into it and then as the rest of the field was going so fast and he was on the outside, he got left behind and looked really uncomfortable and unable to catch the field up. Zac pulled him up after a circuit and a bit. We were really disappointed and confused as he had been going so well at home -  but then he bled when we were walking him off so we thought that was the reason. However, This still didn't explain why he was jumping so badly right from the start and with so little enthusiasm. We pondered about it all the way home and then when we got him in the stable and took his cooler off we could see why. He had a great big hematoma lump on his back. The saddle had obviously slipped (Zac said the girth went up four holes when he got to the start) and was badly digging into his spine. He has had a bag of frozen peas on it, but he is too sore to put a rug on. Bless him. We forgive him now! We will just have to make sure that doesn't happen again and that he has a decent pad under the saddle next time. It could have been the stress of running when he was in so much pain that brought on the nose bleed but we will get his bloods checked anyway just to make sure there isn't anything else wrong with him

Secret ran a better race but just isn't experienced or quick enough for sharp tracks - She jumped beautifully and plugged on but couldn't go with the leaders - She pulled up having done two and a half circuits. Only three out of thirteen finished and the ones that did finish were much more experienced. Most importantly they are both back in their stables safe and sound and ready to fight another day.

What a pleasure it was to be back racing though - The sun shone and everyone was in the very jolly mood. They really are a very friendly lot at Revesby and it was great to be there.