Tuesday, 4 May 2021

 It was my Birthday on Friday and as it was such a nice day we decided to head for the beach. The traffic was surprisingly good considering it was a bank holiday and we got there in good time to have a walk, picnic on the beach and bottle of champagne. I even went for a swim, which needless to say was somewhat chilly but compared to the river, not too bad. We then went out for an 'alfresco' bar snack on the way home, still with sand in our feet. A really wonderful day.

Holkham Beach - It's been too long away from the sea.

We also had a great weekend - Ella had a ride on Field Exhibition (Flo) at Dingley Sadly her and Flo had a slight disagreement at a fence and Ella fell off. Up to that point Ella had settled Flo beautifully so it was such a shame as everything was coming together nicely. However, I had every sympathy with Ella as I have lost count how many times I fell off at Dingley!  Ella was fine, thank goodness. Her Mum, Becs had prepared the best picnic ever and it was a lovely treat to join them and watch some good racing. 
We didn't run Secret at Mollington as the ground hadn't softened significantly and as it was a two and a half mile race I didn't want her to be rushed off her feet. The weather was foul so instead we enjoyed watching it on TV by the fire.....