Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The horses all had the day off today as I had a lot deer velvet orders to catch up on. The results from the blood tests came through and Andrew said that Dream had every excuse to "run like a hairy goat" The bloods showed that she had a bacterial infection and a high muscle enzyme count. As we noticed when we took her out the following day she had a very high heart rate which was probably due to the bacterial infection. This would have caused her to have a lactic acid build up during the race which would have meant severe muscle soreness. Thank goodness David pulled her up when he did with no harm done. Dove also had a residual bacterial infection but not as bad as Dream. They all had snotty noses about six weeks ago and it obviously is still hanging around so they are going to go onto anti-biotics to help clear it up for good. Dream is also going to have anti-inflammatories and azodine to help her muscle soreness. It was such a relief to know that there was an excuse for her bad run. We will let you of this time, Dream!