Friday, 29 May 2009

Have just been for a swim in the river Cherwell at the bottom of our field - just beautiful but very cold. The weather has been just perfect today. Everything is just bursting with life. Our house is being taken over with foliage. I have always wanted a cottage with roses growing over the door and I'm living in one now. How good is that?!

Jay has been in touch again and apparently she is now travelling to India on her own. Her group of friends have all gone their own way and she is on her own - I'm not entirely happy with that idea, especially as she had her bag stolen and was living rough near Bangkok before her flight to India. I have 'lent' her some money to get her by and offered to do some travelling with her, which to my surprise she accepted with alacrity - Hmmm, India probably wouldn't have been my first choice of destination but I should be more open minded and give it a whirl.... Just getting my visa sorted out and it also hinges on Skye foaling soon as it wouldn't be fair to leave that to Doug as well as everything else.

Our yard is full of horses this evening as we have rented them out to participants in 'The festival of the Hunter' which is taking place in the next village. It is the first time we have had horses in the converted pig sties and we were delighted how there doesn't seem to be any teething problems and all the horses have settled in really well. It seems strange having the yard full of boxes and horses but it is great to get the full use out of this wonderful place.