Saturday, 20 June 2009

The mink hounds. The mink hounds met at Wardington Farm at mid-day. I had got most of my jobs done and as we had never seen mink hounds before we trundled along. There was a good crowd out and we walked along the river, past Edgecote house, through our fields and ended up at Trafford House where the hospitality is so good that we decided rather sensibly to leave before things got too shabby. All four dogs came with us and although Poppy was picked up by a hound at one stage (they are HUGE!) they all had a great time. The hounds didn't find any mink but one was seen near Trafford House. We know they are about because they had all our bantams. They have been let loose by animal rights people in the past and are now a real nuisance as they decimate the wild life.
I have now finished packing and am ready for my adventure. As Jay hasn't got a mobile phone (lost it) I am rather worried about getting in contact once I am in India. There is also the small problem of getting a flight to Port Blair - when I tried to book from the UK they were all booked up. I have tried to contact Chennai airport but couldn't get through. Jay is now on her last pennies since having her credit card stolen so it is quite important I get her new card to her.
Oh well, here goes....................