Friday, 5 June 2009

What a lovely Mum

The new arrival! What a relief. Skye's filly foal was born last night at 10.20 pm. We had decided not to go to London and were just cursing her because at 8.30 she was happily grazing and we were thinking about the party we had missed. We took the dogs for a walk to the village to vote and got back at 9.30, still nothing. We did a bit of office work and then I walked across the field to bring her in to the little paddock right by the house with the light and there was this little brown thing lying on the grass, all legs and ears. I couldn't believe it as Skye was still grazing as though it had nothing to do with her. It was only when the foal tried to get up that she showed an interest and gently whickered at her. The foal looked like a spider and was totally uncoordinated - however, within half an hour she was suckling and Skye is now the proudest mum ever. Having been cantankerous and thoroughly belligerent during her racing career it is a very pleasant surprise to us that she is such a wonderful mother.