Thursday, 4 June 2009

Skye very restless.
This is Skye at this very moment pacing up and down - her bag has filled right up now and there are spots of colostrum on the end of the teats (waxing) Hopefully she will foal today as we are supposed to be going to a 50th in London tonight and were hoping to stay down there. We have got someone coming to sit with her this evening but we can't expect him to stay all night.
I have got the perfect view of her from the office window and I'm just not getting on with my work. Darn it, she has started grazing now, panic over!
I was rather naughty yesterday and at the last moment decided to go to the Ascot sales. Sometimes you can pick up a real bargain there, if you can sift though the rubbish. I was particularly interested in a six year old mare who is the daughter of a very good mare (Flame O' Frensi) who won 22 races. She sounded great on paper but when I saw her she had a very saggy back and would never really perform. The prices were pretty low and everything is down by about 30% but nothing really caught my eye even if they were cheaper.
Anyway, because I had the day of yesterday I have got a lot of catching up to do so back to work.....