Sunday, 14 June 2009

Newly painted office
So much for going to the Andamans - I have spent the last three days trying to get flights and they are all booked up. There aren't the number of flights because it is the monsoon season and the one's there are are full. Jay thinks if I fly to Calcutta or Chennai I may be able to get flights from there. It's a bit of a risk but Chennai looks a really interesting city so if I have to spend a couple of days there waiting for a flight it won't be too bad as there are lots of things to see. I will look into the logistics tomorrow, I really wanted to be there and back before the 26th June as we have a Nuffield weekend then but it is looking increasingly unlikely that I will be able to do both.

We went to a 21st birthday party last night - a lovely occasion and we were pleasantly surprised how well behaved the youngsters were. We didn't get back until it was getting light so feeling somewhat jaded today although we got a lot done in the garden. Doug has made me some raised vegetable gardens with railway sleepers - they are behind my office (which we painted last week) we just need the top soil now.