Monday, 6 July 2009

A typical shop

The Indian women were always immaculately dressed with never a hair out of place. They were incredibly dignified in every way, quite the opposite to the men folk. It was also surprising that in the evening the village was full of men, drinking tea and eating curry but no women to be seen.
However, next door to our bamboo hut was a farm with a large family. The father was a fisherman and first light every morning you could hear him pushing the boat out to sea, accompanied by two of his sons. During the day his wife could be seen in the garden picking vegetables, tending the stock and cleaning the house. Late in the evening the boat would come in and the other four children would come down to the shore to help unload the fish. After dark you could see the whole family sitting around an open fire enjoying their supper of fresh fish. No electricity, computer games, televsion or mod-cons of any sort- just each other and friends from the village for their entertainment and yet they were such a happy family. Completely content with their simple way of life.