Monday, 7 September 2009

Burghley was a great show for us, we had run out of Stay Cold Boots by lunchtime on the last day, and then just took orders from then on. We had bought what we thought was a ridiculous amount of stock, but the re-packaging and the fact that a lot of the top event riders are now using them really helped sales - a very nice surprise as we thought we would struggle to make enough to pay for the very expensive stand and we more than exceeded expectations.
It was also just wonderful to be there - it is such a beautiful setting, the stately house and the majestic countryside made it a privilege to be there - also the fact that we weren't up to our hocks in mud this year helped!
I have had a solid day in the office and still haven't finished catching up on orders. Doug has also been really busy and is still out spraying - His parents are both at home now and doing really well although his mother is understandably very tired. His father now has to be the 'carer' so a complete role reversal. They have a lot a really good friends living nearby so they will be well checked up on. Thank goodness they don't still live in the outback as it could have been a very different story.