Thursday, 10 September 2009

Just a few bullet points as to what had happened in the last couple of days (we are going cubbing tomorrow - 5 am start, so must have an early night)
  • Equine fitness has been humming since Burghley - the Stay Cold Boots are still flying off the shelf.
  • It's been the most gorgeous Indian Summer and the rise in sales has meant I have been stuck in the office somewhat longer than I would have liked
  • Matilda, our very old Kune Kune pig, fell through a gap in the grating above the slurry pit yesterday and was stuck fast all day in a pit 6 foot deep but only 2 foot wide. Just to turn her around took an enormous amount of squealing. I built her a ramp made out of hay bales to try and tempt her out but by which time she had decided to sulk for England and just lay grunting. In the end (12 hours later) we had to dismantle most of the grating and Doug got his shoulder in and pushed her far enough out so that she managed to scramble the rest. We were thinking we were going to have to contact the Fire Brigade.
  • We went cubbing yesterday with Harry and Frog. Harry was incredibly well behaved but Frog was a complete reprobate, which is why we are going again tomorrow.