Sunday, 1 November 2009

We were invited out to supper last night to Laura and Johnny's - they live in the village and it was a very pleasant evening. Catherine (nee Adams) and David, Rupert and Annie were also there. Rupert is still getting over a an operation on a cancerous brain tumour. He had just got over prostrate cancer when the brain tumour was diagnosed. However, he looked really well and is very positive.
We have been spoilt this week as we went to David and Di's for supper on Wednesday evening and had a super time. Stu and Polly (local farmers) and Charlie and Bonny (who were also local farmers until Charlie's father sold up so they moved to Dorset.) Di is a brilliant cook and David a great host. A fun night.
On Friday lunchtime we took Mum and Dad out to lunch as a late birthday present for Dad. Jay came too. They both looked really well and we had a lovely time. Jay has now gone back to University after her 'reading week' (?!)
We have just bought a four oven second hand aga (Burgundy red) which Doug and John spent the day installing yesterday. It weighs a tonne and is a monster. it hasn't been fired up as the flue isn't in yet. It was made in 1948. John, the aga man said that it was in immaculate condition and that the older aga'a are much more solid than the new one's which are not made to last the way they were. Once it is humming we will have to do some entertaining.... Doug has a vision of me wearing a pinny with flour covered hands creating all sorts of wonderful delicacies. Oh dear.