Saturday, 13 February 2010

It's Harry's big raceday tomorrow so Charlie Poste (a professional jockey) who lives on the estate is coming in first thing tomorrow to give Harry more jumping practice. I really hope he gets around and doesn't hurt himself or Will. The problem is he has got such a good engine and loves racing so much it means you are more inclined to try him 'one more time' - however, if he falls again this will probably be his last race which is a shame because he really is meant to be a racehorse.
We have some guests in the shepherds hut this week-end so we have been busy getting everything ready as the wood fired shower had to be scrapped and a 'rennai' gas fired one put in it's place. So far so good and they worked out how to use the shower with minimal fuss and seem to be loving the experience,
Great racing and rugby on the TV this afternoon - the Welsh v Scotland match was a cliff hanger with Wales just winning in the last few seconds, Scotland having been well in the lead until then. I felt bitterly sorry for Scotland, who played really well until the last few minutes when they were two men down.
The racing at Newbury was also full of excitement - the big news that Tony McCoy was riding Denman, the Gold Cup contender, concentrated the press frenzy, and when Denman made a mistake three fences from home and then unshipped Tony completely two fences from home having been the 1-8 favourite really set them off. Poor Tony was stuck between a rock and a hard place because no matter what he would have done he would have got no credit. Ruby Walsh must have been feeling quietly smug though - especially as he ended up winning on an 8-1 shot.
Anyway, must go as I've got so many things to sort out before racing. Hopefully my next post will be to say that Harry got around safe and sound and the penny has finally dropped....