Thursday, 11 February 2010

The nights are drawing out now and I have just come back from a lovely walk by the river. There is a scattering of snow on the ground and it looks as though it is going to freeze again tonight. There is a glimpse of spring with the snowdrops struggling to push through the ground although they are quite late this year.
Dove was ridden for the first time today after her accident. It is astonishing how quickly her wound has healed and she is completely sound on that leg. She is still as mad as a bag of frogs, we were rather hoping that her fall would make her more sensible but no chance - still as 'spirited' as ever. We tried Dream in a cross nose band and tongue tie but it made no difference so it looks as though she will have to have a wind operation which is a shame as she probably won't be back in time for another run this season. The other option is to get her really wind fit and run her on easier ground and then get her done at the end of the season.
On Tuesday, Georgie Sheppard, was in the area visiting her parents and popped around for a ride. Because of her show jumping background she was able to give Harry some exercises in the menage to try and improve his jumping. He is very lazy with his back legs and she showed us some exercises to do to make him pick them up properly. He is entered for a race on Sunday, so fingers (and everything else crossed) that he gets around and remembers his lessons. Jake will be running a week on Sunday.
Frog is still going very well and we will probably point to point her when her hunters certificate comes through. The men who work on the estate saw Doug riding her up the gallops yesterday and wanted to know her name so that they could put a fiver on her when she has her first run. They reckoned if she could go that fast up the gallops with Doug on board then she "must be a good 'un!"