Sunday, 21 February 2010

Racing has been abandoned today as the track was covered in snow first thing this morning. Annoyingly it has completely thawed out now and would have been raceable if they had delayed their decision. Instead we took Red and Frog for a long hack around the estate. Red went beautifully, Frog was a bit fresh but coming on really well.
Poppy and Titch caused us some concern - they still hadn't returned the following morning after disappearing 24 hours before. It had been a freezing cold night and both are very fond of the aga so I didn't think it was by choice that they hadn't returned. We had been around all the badger sets and there was complete silence, so we had no idea which one to start digging. We were about to contact the Bicester terrier men when I heard howling coming from the far woods. We got there to find that Poppy had surfaced out of a back hole but Titch was stuck fast, We dug Titch out - they were completely covered in mud and unrecognisable but very grateful to be out of the den - hopefully they will be on their best behaviour now.