Friday, 19 February 2010

It was a beautiful day today although with the snow thawing the ground was really wet. We took Red and Frog to the gallops and went up just twice - because of the snow the surface was really heavy, it was like galloping on a river bed. However, I was really pleased with both of them, particularly Red who would never have coped with that surface before her wind operation.
I had a lot of office work to do this afternoon and then I went in search of Poppy and Titch who have been missing since this morning. I'm sure they are down the same badger set as Jack got stuck down this time this time last year. It's 7pm now and still no sign of them - Titch is very timid and not the sort to go wandering, Poppy will have led her astray, but they will be getting hungry now and should hopefully come back soon. It's unlikely that they could both be stuck.