Thursday, 18 February 2010

We went hunting and it was a great day - both Skye and Dream behaved themselves and jumped lots of fences without dispatching their riders - all good, we just lost the hounds at one point when the hounds were running and we jumped into a field, a young girl fell of in front of us and we had to put her back on board, she was very upset as it was her second fall of the day and wanted to go back home. Polly, who was with us and knew the girl very kindly volunteered. We heard later that because the pony wouldn't jump back out of the field Polly led her over some wire which was on the ground, unfortunately Poll's horse got tangled up in it, panicked, unshipped her and galloped off. Polly was a bit wounded and sore and her hunter had a big knee. She was thankful, however, that she hadn't taken her racehorse (Boddington Lad) hunting who is due to run this Sunday. As she was too sore to sit on him I offered to ride him the following day for her but luckily her son, Phil, who is going to partner him this Sunday, got time off to gallop it with ours. We took it around the flat gallop three times (with Harry and Red) and then up the hill three times. It was a really good piece of work and I was impressed with him. I hope for her sake he wins on Sunday as she has worked so hard with him. Luckily he is in a different race to Jake (Ben's horse) as they are fairly evenly matched and I would like to see them both do well.
Ben came in today and gave Jake a gallop with Chris (Ben's friend) on Dream. We had taken Harry loose schooling to Paul Webber's so we only saw their last time up the gallop and they both worked well although Dream was still making a noise. We had booked for Dream to go to the vet's this afternoon and see what the prognosis is as regards her wind and sure enough she definitely needs a hobday. It's disappointing, but we know she is worth the effort as I am convinced that once she can breath she will be a serious racehorse. She will go in for her operation in the next few days.
It has been snowing today and it is really slushy now as it's not quite freezing. Let's hope the weekend racing isn't cancelled. Just Jake (Doctor Kingsley) this weekend - he stands a good chance and should like the soft ground.