Thursday, 28 April 2011

Hurray! At last I have got my outfit sorted for Joseph and Sophie's wedding on Saturday. I went to the dress shop in Gloucs for the final fitting today, got the hat (BIG!) and the shoes (not wellie wide enough) yesterday and and now very much looking forward to the day.
The excitement is also building for the wedding - our local pub is celebrating all day and there are street parties happening all over the place - we are going to watch the actual ceremony on TV but then go cycling and have my birthday lunch at The Butchers Arms, where they will also be celebrating. I will be completely 'weddinged out' by Sunday!
I went for a long walk this evening and took some 'spring like' photos - we wormed the youngsters yesterday which is why there is a photo of Doug looking for worms in their poo (!)
The weather is still unseasonally dry, but a little cooler. The lack of rain is beginning to be rather a concern to everyone. The grass has completely come to a halt and it is now that the cows and ewes need it most as they have young suckling. The corn is also really suffering and the oil seed rape has flowered far too early and has very little seed head at this stage.
I'm a little worried as during my walk Lucy and Poppy went after a bunny and didn't come back. It is now 10 pm and they still haven't returned