Monday, 25 April 2011

Another lovely day..
We had a very restful Easter Sunday yesterday, where we pottered about in the garden and then watered all the newly planted tree. In the evening we had some friends over for early evening drinks and then when it got colder sausages from the barbecue in the shepherds hut. It was decided that we would go to the Paxford point to point the following day.
The next day it was really hot again and when they turned up with a massive picnic hamper we all looked at each other and thought - 'what on earth are we doing driving all that way in the heat when we could have this picnic at home?!' Luckily, as soon as one of us showed a slight reluctance to go we all heartily agreed and took the picnics down to the river where we spent the entire day eating drinking and swimming, followed by a barbecue at Trafford House (The Thames) in the evening. A perfect day... Only slightly spoilt by the phone going at around four o'clock "Hello, we are outside the house and have come to stay in the shepherds hut tonight" Oh my goodness - one lot of guests had only just gone and I wasn't expecting anyone until tomorrow so consequently nothing had been done. Luckily, one of our friends, Kate, who is a doctor and used to emergencies stripped and changed the bed while I kept the guests talking, we then told them of a very nice walk they should take while it was still lovely and warm - by the time they came back everything had been done and they were none the wiser. Phew!
As it happened Paxford point to point had hardly any runners because of the exceptionally dry ground and it was definitely the right decision to stay and enjoy the gorgeous weather at home