Friday, 22 April 2011

Another really hot day is about to begin. I try and do all my office work early in the morning before it gets unbearably hot.

Yesterday I went to Badminton to try and find an outfit for Joseph's and Sophie's wedding on the 30th - nothing like leaving it until the last moment...
I had been recommended a particular dress shop and only found out when I was about to make the journey to Gloucester that she was on her way with all her outfits to Badminton horse trials - as you can imagine it was a fairly ghastly experience battling with the crowds, especially as I'm not big into shopping for clothes anyway - quite ghastly, but I found a suitable outfit (turquoise and black silk) which will have to have the final fitting on Thursday.

The happy couple came over for supper on Wednesday and it was lovely to see them both so excited about their forthcoming 'big day'

With the hard ground we are unlikely to run any horses this week-end. We have now roughed off Dream and Doris so that they can have a nice holiday before coming back in again in Autumn. Although Dreams leg seems OK after she was kicked I don't want to risk her until I am sure it has completely healed. We only have Jake, Harry and Dove (who will probably be roughed off at the first sign of bad behaviour) left in. It has been a really frustrating season with the snow and frozen ground at the beginning and now the firm ground - I think we only had about three weeks where we had genuine good ground. However, at least all the horses are well and fighting fit for next seasons campaign.