Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Jake is now officially on holiday but hates being outside all the time and asks to come into his stable each evening - as we still have Harry in work he comes in to keep him company.
Tonight we are having our end of season 'staff'' party - beginning with drinks in the shepherds hut and then a meal in The Griffin - Peter Mann, who won the same big cup last year on Harry is coming to 'hand the cup over' to Will, and Amy who has now got back from skiing is also coming - it will be great to see them both again, plus our usual helpers, Lucy, Fran and Becky.
We still haven't had any rain to speak of so I spent the morning watering the trees - they look a bit sick but seem to be hanging on in there.
We have got a chicken who has gone completely mad at the moment - she runs everywhere absolutely flat out and if she sees a dog she just grabs hold of the unfortunate animal's tail and refuses to let go - very comical to watch but the dogs don't seem too amused
Must go and do battle with the mad chook and get ready for this evening's festivities....