Thursday, 14 July 2011

Great - Just heard from Paddyland that the horse hasn't even left the emerald isles yet - I had to phone them up to find out why she hadn't arrived having waited all day. and apparently there has been some problem with transport - never mind, she might as well be eating their grass as mine as we are still rather short here. All very Irish though.
The big news is that we are going to Australia this Sunday for two weeks - I didn't want to mention it before we had got our security sorted out just in case those nasty burglars were reading my blog (!) but now we have got Will staying here, plus friends and neighbours all keeping an eye out, and even the local police are going to patrol around during the night, I'm sure it will be fine.
Yes, we are going to Australia to see Doug's parents and Doug wants to pick up the last of his worldly belongings from his fathers farm which they are hoping to sell in mid-August. We will be spending the first couple of days at Doug's M & D's on the coast at Buderim, Queensland, and then going on to spend a couple of nights at Carnarvon Gorge and then on to Doug's father's farm, Comongin which is about 600 miles West, we will spend a couple of days there and then back to the coast again. I'm really looking forward to seeing outback Australia again and it will be lovely to catch up with Doug's parents, who although they have both had a few health problems are real battlers and great company.