Thursday, 25 August 2011

Oh dear, I thought it was going far too smoothly with Jay on her travels - she has just phoned her Dad, Joe, who was supposed to be picking her up from Heathrow tomorrow to say that she had missed her flight - apparently she was in a bit of a state and it was a very bad line, so we're not sure exactly where she is, but assume she is in Lima. Not the best airport to be stuck at, and now she will have missed all her connecting flights. Once again she has dropped off the radar and since her rather hysterical phone call there has been no word and we can't get hold of her on her phone - Bless her.....
All going well here - although at one stage it seemed that we were all running around like headless chickens, things are beginning to take shape. Not only have we got to get everything ready for the Open Day, but we are off to Burghley on Wednesday, and then the following weekend it is Jay's 21st Birthday party which we haven't even started to organise yet - I suppose we had better wait and see whether she gets back in time...
We picked up yet another horse today, Cloudy Moon, a rather nice grey mare. She is owned by a lovely lady, who lives in a very large manor house but can no longer afford to keep her in training - a sign of the times. She phoned and asked if we could help her so we offered to have her here for the Open Day in case there is someone interested in leasing her for the season. It's worth a try but if we don't find anyone we will have to send her back as we really have got enough horses for this season. Yes, I know what you're thinking, but I REALLY must NOT.
be tempted.
News in Libya isn't good with the rebels suffering very heavy casualties. I didn't think a tyrant like Gaddafi would give in easily. There is something rather discomfiting about watching the rebels in their old bangers and dirty trainers shooting merrily into the air with no one appearing to be in charge and knowing that their weapons are being furtively funded by the West - it's rather like watching a slow car crash happening. There is now a million pounds for anyone who can capture Gaddafi so it should all come to a head soon, one way or another. What then I wonder?
I have just had a text from Doug saying that "drinks are served in the shepherd hut" - I'm off!