Tuesday, 20 September 2011

All horses are now back at 'school' with Oaka and Shade joining us next week.
It is great to have them all back and in work and having all the stables full. They have settled into the routine really well, and are just being walked at the moment. While the weather is dry and mild they spend the night in the field with rugs on and are in the stables for most of the day. We have - Haunted House (Aitch), The Irish RM (Paddy) Unoitmakessense ( Harry) Doctor Kingsley ( Jake), Laverty, Couer de Lionne (Leon), We Never Give Up (Jessie), Intimate Whisper (Whisper), Cloudy Moon (Moonie), Cloud, Velvet Shadow (Doris), Blue Monoaka (Oaka), Mon Romier (Shade), Quand Je Reve de Toi (Frog), Eeyore, Dolly, Subo and last but not least Velvet Dream. 18 horses, and 16 stables, so Dream and Frog will be living in the barn. Oh, goodness me, are we going to be busy this season!!?