Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Storm - 22 years old

We had a lovely e-mail and photos from a couple who had Storm after she retired from hunting - I bought her as a potential racehorse from Ireland when she was three, she was beautifully bred, by Strong Gale, out of a Crash Course mare but never got to the track because of problems with her breathing. She did however, make a wonderful hunter and took Doug across country for his first few seasons in great style until the age of 18. She has been with Charlie and Jan now for four years and looks so happy - she wasn't the easiest of horses as she had obviously been mistreated in Ireland and was very nervous, but they have done a wonderful job of building up her trust and they absolutely love her. Whilst I love training racehorses, I really think that the skill also lies in making them 'nice people' so that they have got a job to do when they retire from racing - So far, I'm rather proud to say, all my retired racehorses have gone to lovely homes and have had a wonderful retirement.
The boys were all back at school today - Paddy, Aitch, Laverty, Harry and Jake did a good hour on the horse walker and have all been fitted with rugs. They were very well behaved apart from Aitch, who wasn't quite ready for his holiday to be over and didn't want to come up from the field. However, with a bit of coaxing with a few apples and once he met up with the rest of the boys he was fine and happy to be back in work.

Leon and Jess will be trailered back this evening as they are in the field over the river and the rest of them will get another week before they come in.