Monday, 17 October 2011

We have had a really good week-end. The wedding in London was fun and very different. It was the wedding of a very old family friend, Alan, who I have known since childhood and is full of fun and a larger than life character. He was married (seemingly happily) for 27 years , with two lovely children, living in the Grand Canary Islands where he had a job overseeing the large telescopes and satellite dishes that are stationed there, when his wife, who was probably rather lonely as she hadn't really got into the Spanish way of life, went on the Internet site 'friends reunited' , met an old flame and within six months had left the family home to start up a new life with this chap who she had last seen when she was 16. Needless to say Alan was totally distraught and no one thought he would ever be able to get over it. Anyway, two years down the track and to cut a long story short, due to a mutual friend of both of ours, Jayne, who happened to know that her friend Sara, had just gone through a similar situation with her husband and who funnily enough used to be part of our group when we were in our teens, introduced her to Alan and before long they realised that they were made for each other - it sounds really corny but I have rarely seen a couple so suited and so happy. The wedding was literally bubbling over with joy and what was so lovely was how happy Alan's children were with the situation. It was rather like being in a time warp as we all felt sixteen again, It was probably a little disconcerting for Doug but he coped very well. It was a really wonderful occasion.
The team chase went well and they had got the ground better than expected bearing in mind the firmness of the ground. The bar did a good trade and afterwards we went back to the local landowners farm - good fun. We then met up with Jay, who is back for a couple of days from university, for a bar snack.
We got 15 horses out today (Subo, Dream and Cloud had the day off) They all went on the gallop and all worked really well. Will still can't ride because of his injured ham string but he was a great help in the yard. They are cubbing locally tomorrow but we have decided not to go as the ground is too firm and it would be a shame to jar them up. We are so lucky to have the all weather facilities as we would be really struggling to get them fit otherwise