Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Another big day working horses and catching up with orders in the office. A contact of Will's, called Toby, who is an aspiring jockey came in to ride out today and he got on really well. We put him on Doris and Frog, both of which need careful riding and he rode them both beautifully and really liked them. He was also very good company and not at all arrogant. A pleasure to have around. He will be coming in now on a regular basis which is great as we have been struggling lately with Will wounded and Becky absent because of children commitments.
I rode my normal three, Paddy, who was excellent and worked in a lovely outline three times around the flat gallop, Leon, who very nearly carted me as he suddenly, and rather out of character wanted to get to the front, (also on the flat gallop) and then Whisper, who isn't great on the flat gallop as she gets a bit panicky - coming from a flat yard where she has only been galloped at top speed it has made it difficult for her to understand how to do a slow canter, so I do trotting up hills and then put her slowly up the all weather - She has been going really well but had a 'chestnut mare' moment when she saw Mr Allen's horses and carriage come towards her and went somewhat mad, bolting backwards, nearly going over the railings. She was genuinely frightened as I could feel her heart leaping in her chest - she calmed down eventually and we all returned home safe and sound.
The horses have got a bit woolly with the colder weather and we have started to get them clipped out. Laura, who clips horses professionally came back to help Will and Doug this afternoon. Six done, twelve to go.
Doug's father has taken a turn for the worse. He has fought so hard but it seems as though his courageous battle may be coming to an end. We will be waiting with trepidation for any calls from Australia.