Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A bitterly cold day today - All horses went well and did three canters up the hill except for Doris and Jess who did long canter work around the grass field as we are trying to get Doris to settle and not get racing all the time. It rained most of the night and was plenty wet enough, so the track on Sunday should be good to soft, which will suit Laverty and Jake (Doctor Kingsley) and by the time it gets to the last race it will be a complete bog which will really suit Harry (Unoitmakessense)
Frog has come out of her race really well and seems very happy in herself - if you click onto the link you will see a photo of her going down to the start.
On a completely different subject I cannot believe Nick Clegg not turning up to question time yesterday - One minute he was agreeing with Cameron about his vetoing a new EU treaty and then as soon as he got some criticism from his own party he changed his mind and went against Cameron. He is coming across as a gutless person very much lacking a spine and to just not turn up on such an important day spoke volumes about his weakness of character. It does not bode well for the future of the coalition as I really cannot imagine Cameron having any respect for him at all now. The alarm bells rang for me way back after the election when Clegg was wheeling and dealing with both Cameron and Gordon Brown to try and get the best deal, regardless of his beliefs and being particularly sneaky about it all.
Anyway, enough of politics we are off for a bar snack at the local pub - far more important!