Thursday, 15 December 2011

Whisper, Doris and Shade schooling

We had a great morning schooling all the horses - they all went really well and we were very pleased with the way Doris is now settling in behind or in front. It was Whispers first time in front and she was impressive and Laverty was electric. Leon was being 'schoolmaster' for Michael and they both went very well, particularly when Leon went upsides Dream and then he got very competitive.

In the afternoon I tried to get Christmassey and did a little bit of Christmas shopping....I have bought some Xmas paper now, which I'm rather proud of, but still have to buy presents to put the paper around. Every year without fail Christmas seems to catch me unawares and I am always on the back foot. I cannot believe how organised some people are. I haven't even bought any Christmas cards yet - it will all go ahead even if I am a bit slow of the mark, so there is no point worrying about it. Jay is going to New Zealand on Saturday to spend Christmas with her Dad, so that is another pressie I don't have to worry about! Only joking Jay....