Monday, 26 March 2012

Horses back safe and sound thank goodness, although it was touch and go with Frog who had a fall three fences from home when running a very good race in third out of a competitive field of thirteen - She lay down for a while and they were just about to get the screens around her when she got up, just badly winded - A horrible moment. She is absolutely fine today and possibly needed a bit of a fright as she was too bold and fast at her fences and needed to learn to steady up a bit.

Leon ran a cracking race and jumped like a stag. He was in the leading group, two fences from home when Peter, who was riding him, said that his legs just went to jelly, and luckily he managed to pull him out before the fence - he went ten strides and then was right again, which is a classic sign of a collapsed palette - We had him looked at last year by a vet but they didn't pick it up then as he was at rest - He is now booked in tomorrow to go to Ben Brain, the specialist vet who has a scope that is attached to the horse when he is galloping - should be interesting. It was a great days racing though and we are just pleased that they are home safely.