Saturday, 24 March 2012

Leon and Frog washed and ready for tomorrow's race

We didn't take any horse to Siddington today as the ground was given out as firm, but we walked Oakley last night and they have done a pretty good job of watering - It is a little patchy so we don't want to risk Haunted House, as his legs are like china, and especially as Emma can't be there to watch him run, but we will be taking Frog and Leon. It was the most beautiful springlike day today, and it was so lovely to catch up on jobs in the garden.

Tomorrow will be interesting - Leon has definitely got over his bruised foot and took great delight in carting me around the all weather gallop in front of owners - There was seven of us in a lovely collected string looking very professional when Leon suddenly took up the bit and sailed past everyone at what felt like 70 mph! It was somewhat embarrassing but great that he feels so well, and if he stays the trip tomorrow and jumps 18 fences he should take some beating. Frog is still getting over the mud fever infection she had and may not run quite up to her mark but needs to have a run in case the ground goes completely against us.

Dove still hasn't given birth so nights are somewhat disrupted at the moment as we have the baby monitor from her night paddock wired up to the bedroom. I am completely in tune with every one of her bodily functions which doesn't make for the best night sleep.