Thursday, 26 April 2012

Proud Mum

It is so lovely to see this ex-battery hen being every bit the proudest Mum. It is astonishing that even after generations of being bred to sit in a cage and lay eggs, she hasn't lost her instinct to be a wonderful and very protective mother.
The rain that we so desperately wanted just keeps coming, with the worst day being yesterday when it was non stop and torrential. We just did the one lot up the gallops and got absolutely soaked through - Doug didn't come with us as he had been dropped by Jake the day before and was still very sore. Jake is feeling very well... Instead he started the mucking out so it was all a bonus for us and an extra £10 for the drop pot!
Today, the weather was marginally better and after managing to stay dry for two lots I went to see my parents as I was going to take Mum bird watching. However, as the rain looked as though it was about to come I took her to see if she could manage a mobility scooter instead. As she had a stroke her right hand is very weak, so we weren't sure that she would be able to mange the controls, but they are designed to be very easy to use. She has now got it for a months trial so hopefully that will give her a bit of independence.
Jake is now entered for Cheltenham - I don't think Doug will be so nervous now that he has been unceremoniously dumped by him..... It happened just as we were crossing the bridge, the river is in full flow with all the rain and I think Jake took fright at the noise of the waterfall and shied, Doug plopped off and we all sat in concerned silence until he got to his feet, when a certain amount of laughter ensued - another foot and he would have fallen in the river - needless to say, poor Doug has had the Mickey taken out of him unmercifully, especially as he kept on saying "I would have been fine if I'd had time to curl up in a ball" Lucy said that she couldn't quite imagine it and the rest howled with laughter!  Dear me, just no respect these days.