Monday, 14 May 2012

Oh my goodness!! I was sitting in the office when I heard a clatter of hooves and saw Jake (Doctor Kingsley) and Harry (Unnitmakessense) gallop past the window at full speed on the concrete - they then turned down the track to the horses in the bottom field - I went in hot pursuit and met up with Jay, who had been on her way back to university when she saw the two horses heading up the drive, so she (very luckily) turned them around and then ran down to see if she could help.
We managed to catch them in the lower part of the meadow on the track that runs between two paddocks, just as we were leading them up, feeling very thankful that no obvious damage had been done, Eeyore, (Velvet Dove's son) who was in one of the paddocks reached over and bit Jake on the rump, Jake then kicked out at Eeyore but got his hind leg caught in the electric fence, needless to say he went absolutely mad and tried to pull away but the wire didn't break - It was horrid. Eventually after what seemed like an age he managed to detach him self from the wire. Amazingly it hadn't broken the skin and he doesn't seem lame at this stage - a very lucky escape.
I have no idea how they got out of their field  - Jake has been known to jump out but only if Harry isn't with him. They are staying their stable for the rest of the day!