Monday, 14 May 2012

Well - all back safe and sound but the headgear didn't have the desired effect on our Harry and he proceeded to crash through every fence - undaunted and full of enthusiasm but completely uncoordinated, bless him. The pace was far too fast for him to work out which leg to pick up first, but having said that at least he didn't fall or decant Pete - he just lost an enormous amount of ground at each fence and Pete pulled him up two from home much to our relief. He just hasn't been the same since he was poleaxed by the virus last year, and it's as though his joints have been affected as he sometimes looks stiff behind. It is probably time to call it a day unless we get bottomless ground before the season ends, which is a shame as we know that he has a massive engine and loves to race.Luckily he is a lovely hack and very sweet to do, so would make a nice 'happy hacker' for someone in the future.
Cloudy Moon ran a cracking race in a very competitive 13 runner maiden - She finished in the leading group and was either 5th or 6th, She almost jumped too well (the complete opposite to Harry) and gave each fence lots of height therefore losing a bit of ground. She has been unlucky she hasn't picked up a win yet this season as she is always there or there abouts but has been in very competitive races with lots of runners.
Another wonderful day though with lovely weather and a good crowd.
The season will soon be over, and I'm busy planning life without horses for 10 weeks - Lots of great ideas but the sad reality is that I really ought to concentrate on doing some 'proper' work in the office for more than just a few hours each day and do some darned house work and decorating.